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NEW STUDY: Blood Pressure and Cognition

Research Participation Opportunity: Blood Pressure & Cognition

Recent research studies have shown that high blood pressure can have negative impacts on cognitive functioning (e.g., memory, attention, decision-making). However, it is not yet understood how this link changes over time in relation to an individual’s daily experiences, stress, mood and personality traits.

Researchers from the University of Victoria are conducting a study that will help advance our understanding of how blood pressure affects cognitive functioning on a day-to-day basis, and what the risk factors are for developing sustained high blood pressure later in life.


What is required?

  • A computer with internet access
  • Taking your blood pressure with an automatic blood pressure monitor (will be provided)
  • Completing an online survey about your day-to-day experiences and brief cognitive tasks
  • The survey will be completed each evening for 2 weeks
  • Each session will take about 45 minutes

For more information or to volunteer as a research participant, please contact Amanda Kelly directly by email at, or by phone at 250-472-4862.