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Member Information Statement

Purpose of the iLifespan Volunteer Research Registry

You are invited to submit your details to the Laboratory of Integrative Lifespan Research (iLifespan) Volunteer Research Registry. The purpose of the registry is to notify you about research studies in which you might be interested in taking part.

Description of Registry and Risks

The Laboratory of Integrative Lifespan Research conducts a program of many different kinds of research studies in health, cognition, and well-being. We are always looking for people to take part in our research studies. At the same time, we receive many offers from people who want to take part in research in order to help advance scientific knowledge about health, cognition, and well-being. In order to help this happen, we are developing a registry of people who have said they would like to be involved in our research.

The Volunteer Research Registry is designed to securely store your name, contact details and some basic information about you, such as the year in which you were born, and whether you have participated in any of our studies previously. In that way, we can contact you if a new research study is started in which you might be interested. Also, it allows us to avoid asking you for the same information each time you take part in a research study.

If you decide to join the iLifespan Volunteer Research Registry, the Registry Administrator will periodically send you information about a research study for which you might be suitable - for you to decide if you would like to be involved. The decision is entirely yours. If you are interested in being involved, we will ask you to give us your consent to give your name and contact details to the iLifespan Researcher at the University of Victoria leading the specific research study. Your details will not be given to other Researchers, unless you specifically give your consent.

We will securely store your details in the Volunteer Research Registry within a secure password-protected database. Only the Integrative Lifespan Volunteer Research Registry Administrator will have access to the database.

Possible benefits of joining the Volunteer Research Registry include hearing about Integrative Lifespan Research studies when they first come on stream (that is, you won’t need to continually check the website for new research studies), and avoiding the need to supply the same information about yourself for each research study in which you take part. However, we cannot and do not guarantee or promise that you will receive any benefits from a study.

Registry Questions

To join the Volunteer Research Registry, you will need to complete an online form, which will take approximately 5 minutes. You will be asked questions about your personal details and about previous study participation. There are no anticipated risks to this process.

We ask that you provide accurate responses to these questions so that you can receive study invitations that are appropriate for your specific circumstances. Please refer to the Privacy Policy for further information.

Confidentiality and Disclosure of Information

Any information that is obtained in connection with the Laboratory of Integrative Lifespan Research Volunteer Research Registry and that can be identified with you will remain confidential and will be disclosed only with your permission, except as required by law.

If you give us your permission by joining the Volunteer Research Registry, we plan to publish papers about the use of volunteer research registries in academic journals or conferences for the purpose of scientific advancement. In any publication, information will be provided in such a way that you cannot be identified. Please refer to the Privacy Policy for further information.


At any time, you may contact the iLifespan Volunteer Research Registry Administrator for information about new studies coming on stream. Feedback from the individual studies in which you take part will be provided to you by the Researchers concerned.  

Your Consent

Taking part in the Research Participant Registry is voluntary. Your decision whether or not to participate in the Volunteer Research Registry is separate from any clinical care you may be involved in and it will not prejudice your future relations with the University of Victoria and the Laboratory of Integrative Lifespan Research.

If you no longer wish to be registered with the Volunteer Research Registry you can do so by logging in and withdrawing your consent at any time. This will send a request to the Volunteer Research Registry Administrator to disable your account, your information will be withdrawn from the Volunteer Research Registry database and you will no longer be contacted by the Volunteer Research Registry about future research studies. Please allow 7 days for your account deactivation to be processed.

Please read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us. You can contact the Laboratory of Integrative Lifespan Research Volunteer Research Registry Administrator at or if you have further questions, you can contact Professor Scott M. Hofer at

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