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Jonathan Rush

Rush_photo.JPG Jonathan Rush Graduate Student

Supervisor: Scott M. Hofer

M.Sc., 2010, University of Victoria

I am interested in understanding how well-being is experienced on a day-to-day level as well as across the life-span. Much research has examined individual differences in well-being in cross-sectional research designs, which do not account for day-to-day fluctuations in levels of well-being. My research interests are currently focused on the measurement and modeling of these within-person variations in well-being through the use of intensive repeated measurement designs (e.g., ecological momentary assessment, daily diary). Intensive repeated measurement (“burst”) designs, where frequent closely spaced measurements (i.e., across days) are repeated over longer intervals (i.e., months, years), allows for a better understanding of the within-person dimensionality and dynamic nature of well-being from younger to older adulthood.

In addition to my substantive interests in well-being, I am also interested in research design and methodology for the analysis of change and variation and use of technology to obtain more frequent information from participants using web-based and unobtrusive methods.

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